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Smart Point Praha 14

Bratri Vencliku 1072
Praha 14
198 21

E praha@ie-smart.eu

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday


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English (United States)

SMART Point Praha 14

Location Prague

Hosting Organization

Metropolitan district Prague 14 is one of the 57 parts of the capital Prague. It is located at the north-east rim of Prague. It has more than 45 000 inhabitants. The authority is responsible for environmental protection, schools, cultural and sports activities; social and health programs, ownership, maintenance of public property, especially public housing.

Services Description

Smart point at Prague 14 provides legal and administrative services for entrepreneurs. E.G. Advice in accountancy e.g. advice on income tax, the employee tax, advice on the particulars of the Social Security Administration, advice on the particulars of health insurance, advice on the tax calendar, advice on the particulars of tax documents, advice on employment contracts, legal form of the company etc. and legal advisory e.g. establishment of a legal person, draft of notarial deed, arranging a meeting with the notary to start a business, the notary draws up a social contract, assistance with the declaration of the deposit manager, drafting of the application for company registration in the Commercial Register etc..


Municipality of Prague 14


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Legal Disclaimer

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.