Iterative Rehersal


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Learning Objectives

Experiment with applying situations and behaviors in a simulated environment instead of talking about them.
Level or Phase: Experienced
Methods and Concepts: Through rehersal behaviors can be tested in a safe space. Building "Safe Space" is essential to a successful creation of such a simulation environment. Intense warm-ups and work in small groups can be used as a method to lead participants into rehersal activities.


Warm-ups "Overload" or "Everyone's it"; the rule of rehersal

Reading List:

  • Augusto Boal "Theater of the oppressed"
  • Masemann/Messer "Improvisation und Storytelling in Training und Unterricht"
Assessment Method: Rules of rehersal: Was the play serious? Was there a larger part of doing than feedback? Were the materials at hand used?
Author: Caspar Siebel


Legal Disclaimer

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.